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Jura Scotch Whisky Distillery

Jura Distillery, Jura, Argyllshire PA60 7XT
Tel: +44 (0)1496 820240

Jura Distillery General Information
Current Owners click for detailsWhyte and Mackay Ltd (Emperador)
Location Jura
Water source Loch a Bhaille Mhargaidh (Market Loch)
Stills 2 x wash stills and 2 x spirit stills
Capacity per year 2,200,000 Litres
Status Active/Producing
Website click for

The 1950's saw plans to reopen the Isle of Jura distillery. To solve the problem of work for the islanders estate owners Robin Fletcher and Mr Riley-Smith got together with former distiller and architect Delme Evans to design and build the new distillery which opened on 26th April 1963.
Isle of Jura distillery sign

Jura Distillery History
1810 Established
1875 James Ferguson & Sons acquire and renovate
1884 Reconstructed
1960-63 Reconstructed by Jura Distillery Co. Ltd (Mackinlay McPherson Ltd, part of Scottish & Newcastle Breweries)
1978 Stills increased from 2-4
1994 Whyte & Mackay takes over Invergordon Distillers
2002 Jura Superstition launched
2007 Whyte & Mackay bought by United Spirits
2009 Jura Prophecy peated malt launched
2014 Whyte & Mackay bought by Emperador for £430m

Jura's rugged landscape
The Isle of Jura's remoteness provides a romantic note for its visitors who are able to enjoy its natural beauty, scenery and wildlife and take part in walking, climbing and exploring. The distillery sponsors the annual Isle of Jura Fell Race.

Jura Distillery Comments
Illegal distilling probably dates back to 1600's on this remote island.
George Orwell wrote his famed novel "1984" on Jura, attracted there by the island's remoteness giving him the peace he needed to write.

The soft peaty water is good for making whisky and the very plain malt dried using warm air contributes to Jura's lighter and softer finish.
Walking on the remote west coast

Jura Distillery Bottlings
click for detailsIsle of Jura 10 Year Old
Isle of Jura "Superstition"
Isle of Jura 16 Year Old
Isle of Jura 21 Year Old
Isle of Jura 27 Year Old
Isle of Jura 33 Year Old
Isle of Jura 36 Year Old

Isle of Jura still room
A significant difference is made to the style of Jura's whisky by the stills which are very tall and it is a much lighter alcohol which goes over the top creating a lighter whisky.

Jura Distillery Independent Bottlings

The cask is very important as it contributes to the flavour of the whisky. Isle of Jura uses American white oak in the main with some sherry casks.
isle of jura casks

Jura Distillery Awards
Isle of Jura 36 year old Single Malt Special Collector’s Edition won a ‘Gold World Medal’ at the New York Festivals Awards 2002.

Isle of Jura distiilery
The people at Jura tell us "......the whole character of the place, mainly through the water we use and the conditions we mature it in, the fact that we're sitting beside the sea with salty air help to give Jura whisky its unique taste."

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Jura Distillery Visitor Centre Information
Contact +44 (0) 1496 820 604
Email click for
Website click for
Opening Times

April - October
Monday - Saturday 10am - 4.30pm
November - March
Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm
Please note: our distillery will be closed between Tuesday 19th July - Monday 8th August with no tours taking place.

Admission charge £6. Tours at 11am and 2pm

Isle of Jura distiilery

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