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About Us Logo Part 2 The Essential Guide to Scotch Whisky

Scotch Whisky Cocktails & Punches

Aberdeen Angus
2oz Whisky, 1oz Drambuie, 1tsp Lime Juice, 1tbs Honey
Stir whisky and honey until smooth, add lime, warm drambuie and ignite, pour on top and stir
11/2oz Calvados, 3/4oz Whisky, 3/4oz Dry Gin
Shake with ice, strain onto ice with twist of lemon, drop in peel
2oz Whisky, 1tsp Sugar, 1tsp Lemon Juice, Ginger Ale
Shake with ice (not ginger ale), strain, add ice, top up with ginger ale
11/2oz Whisky, 1/2oz Cointreau, 1/2oz Sweet Vermonth, 2tsp Lime Juice
Shake with ice, strain, add ice
1oz Gin, 2tbs Whisky, 2tsp Drambuie, 1tsp Lemon Juice
Shake with ice, strain, add ice, decorate with a cherry and twist of lemon.
11/2oz Whisky, 1tsp Chartreuse, 1tsp Crème De Menthe
Shake with ice, strain, add ice
11/2oz Whisky, 2tsp Sweet Vermonth, 2 Dashes Curacao, a little Drambuie
Shake with ice, strain, add ice and twist of orange, pour on Drambuie
11/4oz Whisky, a little Dry Vermonth, a little Cointreau, 2 dashes Orange Bitters
Shake with ice, strain, add ice
Highland Fling
11/2oz Whisky, 3oz Milk, 1tsp Sugar
Shake with ice, strain, add ice, dust with nutmeg
21/2oz Whisky, 1 Lemon, Ginger Ale
Pour in whisky, drop in spiral of lemon peel, add ice and ginger ale
11/2oz Whisky, 2tbs Southern Comfort, 2 dashes Orange Bitters
Shake with ice, strain, add ice and a cherry
2oz Whisky, 2tsp Lime Juice, 1tsp Grenadine
Shake with ice, strain, add ice and twist of lime
21/2oz Whisky, 2tsp Sugar, a few dashes Angostura Bitters
Stir and top with orange slice, a cherry or twist of lemon
1oz Whisky, 2tsp Curacao, 2tsp Sweet Vermonth, 11/2tsp Lime Juice
Shake with ice, strain, add ice
Rob Roy
1oz Whisky, 1oz Sweet Vermonth, 1 dash Angostura Bitters
Mix in glass with ice, add cherry
Rob Roy - Dry
2oz Whisky, 11/2oz Dry Vermonth, dash Angostura Bitters, twist of Lemon peel
Stir (not lemon peel) with ice, add twist of lemon
11/2oz Whisky, 1tsp Lemon Juice, 1tsp Sugar, 1 Egg White, a drop of Pernod
Shake well with ice, strain, add ice
1oz Whisky, 1oz Drambuie
Add ice and stir
1oz Whisky, 2tsp Jamaican Rum, 2tsp Port, a litle Angostura and Orange Bitters
Shake with ice, strain, add ice
11/2oz Whisky, several drops of Pernod, Dubonnet, Curacao
Shake with ice, strain, add ice, touch up with twist of orange and lemon
2oz Whisky, 2tsp Benedictine, 11/2tsp sugar, 1tsp lemon juice, 1tsp lime
Shake with ice, strain, decorate with slice of lemon
2oz Whisky, 1oz Lemon Juice, 1tbs Sugar
Shake with ice, strain, add slice of lemon
Juice of 1/2 Lemon, 1/2 tsp Castor Sugar, 2oz Gin, 4 ice cubes, Sosa Water, Lemon Slice
Stir lemon juice and sugar, add Gin and ice and stir, top up with soda water, decorate with lemon slice
Flying Scot
2oz Whisky, 1oz Sweet Vermonth, tsp Honey, a few dashes of Angostura Bitters
Shake with ice, strain
1oz Whisky, 1/2oz Cointreau, 1/2oz fresh unsweetened Grapefruit Juice
Shake with ice, strain
1oz Whisky, 1oz Sweet Vermonth, 1 dash of Honey
Stir with ice, strain
2oz Whisky, 2 dashes Pernod, 2 dashes Anisette, 1 dash Bitters
Stir with ice, decorate with piece of pineapple
2oz Whisky, 2 dashes Bitters, tsp Sugar
Shake with ice, strain
2oz Whisky, 1/2oz Dry Vermonth, dash of Bitters, Lemon twist
Stir, strain, add lemon twist
Scotch Mist
Ice, 2oz Whisky, Lemon peel
Fill glass with ice, add whisky and peel
Maclaine Punch
1/2btl Whisky, 1btl White Wine, 1btl Cider, 1 carton Apple Juice
Mix, add ice and rings of sliced orange
Atholl Brose
This drink originated around 1475 and is an old favourite on New Year's Eve.
3 rounded tbs medium oatmeal, 2 tbs heather honey, whisky
Mix oatmeal with cold water to form paste, stand for 1/2 hour, strain, discard oatmeal, mix in honey, pour into a quart bottle, top up with whisky, shake well and serve
Het Pint
This drink was originally served on New Year's morning.
4 pints pale ale, 1 level tsp freshly grated nutmeg, sugar to taste, 3 medium eggs, 1/2 pint whisky
Pour ale into large pan, add nutmeg and heat to just below boiling, stir in sugar to taste, beat eggs in large bowl and stir in the hot ale slowly, stir in whisky, pour liquid back into pan, stir, heat to just below boiling, then pour back and forth from a height in warm tankards until drink froths and becomes clear and sparking
Hot Toddy
This drink is good for a cold with an added tbs of lemon juice.
1 measure of whisky, 1 tsp sugar
Pour whisky into warmed glass, add sugar and boiling water
1 measure Whisky, 1 measure Martini Bianco, dash of Drambuie
Stir all together, strain and serve with a cherry.
Christmas Cheer
A large bowl is needed and can be made several hours in advance, whisk before serving.
6 eggs separated, 125g caster sugar, 600ml db cream, 350ml whisky, 200ml light rum, 450ml ice-cold milk, finely grated rind 1 orange, 1 lemon and 1 lime, freshly grated nutmeg, little freshly groud cinnamon
Chill bowl for 1 hour, mix egg yolks and caster sugar in chilled bowl until thick, whisk egg whites until forming soft peaks, whip in cream until forming soft peaks, fold egg whites into egg yolks, then fold in cream, pour egg and cream mixture into punch bowl, slowly whisk in whisky, rum and milk, cover bowl and leave in fridge for 2 hours.
To serve-sprinkle top with grated orange, lemon and lime, freshly grated nutmeg and cinnamon.
Christmas Toddy
Makes 8 glasses
Juice of 4 lemons, few lime or lemon slices, 90ml clear honey, 200ml whisky, 1.1litres boiling water
In a large heatproof jug, place lemon juice, slices of lime or lemon, honey and whisky, top with boiling water, stir well.

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