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Annandale Scotch Whisky Distillery

Annandale Distillery, Northfield, Annan, Dumfriesshire, Scotland DG12 5LL

Annandale Distillery General Information
Current Owners Annandale Distillery Company Ltd
Location Lowlands
Water source Bore Hole on site.
Stills 1 x wash stills and 2 x spirit stills
Capacity per year 260,000 Litres
Status Active/Producing

Annandale Distillery History
1830 Origonal distillery Established by George Donald
1883 Purchased by John Gardner
1893 Purchased by Johnnie Walker
1919 Distillery Closed
1924 Purchased by the Robinson Family and used for Farming
2007 David Thomson and Teresa Church formed the Annandale Distillery Company Ltd and bought the land and buildings associated with Annandale Distillery from local farmer, Robert Robinson.
2008 Fiona Sinclair, Glasgow, was appointed as architect and leader of the buildings project.
2014 Production begins

Annandale Distillery Comments

Annandale was one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland (established in 1836) but fell into what the current owners term ‘a deep slumber’ in 1918 only to be revived with the first recent production in the historic buildings in 2014. Located in the South West of Scotland it is an integral part of what could be termed a renaissance in distilling in the ‘Lowlands.’

Led by David Thomson, an ex-pat Scot, and Teresa Church, the company undertook a very scientific sensory profiling approach to the design and development of the spirit, with significant input from the late Dr Jim Swan. They describe a significant feature of their process to be a twin spirit still concept to increase the typical ratio of copper surface area to liquid volume. The new owners are eager to emphasise the fact that the original distillery produced a peated malt and the new distillery is producing both peated and unpeated spirit.

Annandale Distillery Bottlings
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Annandale Distillery Independent Bottlings
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Annandale Distillery Visitor Centre Information
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