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The Essential Guide to Scotch Whisky eBook coverWhat you need to know!

As we guide you on your personal Scotch Whisky journey;

  • You will need to know some of the key basic Scotch Whisky facts such as;
    • just what exactly is the definition of Scotch Whisky?
    • what are the main different types of Scotch Whisky?
    • what are the different whisky producing areas?
    • what have casks got to do with it – just what is their influence?
    • what is abv? What is proof?
    • is it Scotch Whisky or scotch whiskey?
    • what is the 'angels share' – and just how much 'share' do the 'angels' take ?!,
    • what is cask strength whisky?
    • what is chill filtering?
    • what is the top selling Scotch Whisky?
    • what is the oldest working distillery in Scotland?
    • what is the traditional Scotch Whisky toast?
  • We provide 100 'essential' facts about Scotch Whisky that will set you on the way to transforming your Scotch Whisky knowledge
  • You will learn about the history of Scotch Whisky – when did it all begin, what are some of the key dates and events ?
  • We provide a summary 'Whisky History Timeline' from the beginnings with the first documented evidence of the existence of Scotch Whisky in Scotland
  • You will learn where the most famous Scotch Whisky distilleries are located
  • We provide a 'Scotch Whisky Distilleries and Regions of Scotland' map indicating the location of all Scotland's working distilleries – and identifying the location of many which are no longer in production
  • You will learn the inside track on 'how Scotch Whisky is made' to fully appreciate the complexities of the different types of Scotch Whisky (To appreciate the taste, you must first appreciate the craft!)
  • We provide a detailed step by step description of the Scotch Whisky manufacturing process and help guide your appreciation of the influence of production methods on whisky 'aroma' and 'flavour'
  • You will learn how to 'nose' and 'taste' Scotch Whisky and identify the blends or single malts that best suit your particular palette
  • We provide a comprehensive introduction to 'nosing' and 'tasting' Scotch Whisky. We introduce the key whisky related aromas, identify the differences between leading Scotch Whisky types and help maximise the enjoyment of savouring your favourite scotch whiskies!
  • You will have fun!
  • We provide a guide to setting up your own whisky 'nosing' and 'tasting' for you and a group of friends – you will have a blast!

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