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Scotch Whisky Retailers Around The World

Whisky Paradise Srl
- Heaven for scotch whisky collectors -

Whisky Paradise Srl
Whisky Paradise Srl
Bologna, 40133, Italy
Tel: +39335334604 Fax: +390516429853

Whisky Paradise Srl

Whisky Paradise is the Heaven of whisky collectors. In our show rooms we have thousands of old whisky bottles, whisky adverts (mirrors, old glass dispenser, ceramic dispenser, figurines et al.) on display. The show rooms were opened more than two years ago after the taking over of the entire collection of Mr. Edoardo Giaccone, that was listed in the Guinness Book as the owner of the largest whisky collection of the world in the 1997.

Whisky Paradise has not only bottles for collection, we have also a huge inventory of malt whisky bottles, distilled before the second world war and bottled 20/25 years ago.


We have more than 40.000 bottles in our cellar (Macallan, Macallan Glenlivet, Mortlach, Talisker, Linkwood, Strathisla, Ardbeg Black Label, Highland Park Dumpy Bottle and so on...)

Giuseppe Begnoni started his collection in 1969. At the beginning He started with Mini Bottles and than Water Jugs, Full Ceramic Flagons and finally Full Size Whisky Bottles.

His collection before the acquisition of Giaccone one, was over 1.200 very rare old bottles of single malt. Quantity is not important for Begnoni, only Quality counts!

Whisky Paradise Srl


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