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North British Scotch Whisky Distillery

North British Distillery, Edinburgh

North British Distillery General Information
Current Owners The North British Distillery Co Ltd (Lothian Distillers)
Location Lowlands
Water source unknown

North British Distillery History
1885 The North British Distillery Co established by a group of independent blenders
1887 Production commenced
1948 Scotland’s first saladin maltings installed
1992 Renovated
1993 Lothian Distillers created as a joint venture by The Edrington Group and IDV

North British Distillery Comments
Edinburgh’s last working distillery, widely known as ‘NB’.
North British does its own malting on site using only maize, with a high persentage of green malt.
North British contributes to such top blends as: J&B, Famous Grouse, chives Regal, Lang's and Cutty Sark.

North British Distillery Bottlings
No official bottlings

North British Distillery Independent Bottlings

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