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Calidonian Scotch Whisky Distillery

Caledonian Distillery, Near the Haymarket Edinburgh

Caledonian Distillery General Information
Last Owners click for detailsUDV
Location Lowlands
Water source unknown

Caledonian Distillery History
1855 Founded by Graham Menzies & Co (Sunbury Distillery)
1884 Menzies & Co merged with Distiller Company Ltd (DCL)
1966 Operated by Scottish Grain Distillers Ltd
1988 Closed by UDV and there is a new housing estate now occupying the old distillery site

Caledonian Distillery Comments
The Caledonian Distillery, once one of Britain’s biggest grain distilleries and was famed for having Europe’s biggest patent still.
Caledonian Distillery was known informally as ‘the Cally’.

Caledonian Distillery Bottlings
No official bottlings

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Caledonian Distillery Independent Bottlings


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